Daniel Coronell – Journalist, Opinion Columnist, Editor


Daniel Coronell is a Colombian journalist and editor in chief of the national newscast Noticias Uno. He has also directed national newscasts NTC and RCNTV. He has been a TV journalist since the beginning of his career. He has served as general coordinator for the national newscasts “Noticiero de las 7″ and “Noticiero del medio día”, editor of the national newscast Noticiero Nacional and editor in chief of the TV news programs “Protagonista” and “Magazín 7:30″.

Coronell is a journalism mayor from “Universidad Externado de Colombia” and has completed several post graduate studies in Switzerland and Spain.

He is also a columnist for “Revista Semana”.  Has been professor at “Universidad Javeriana” and “Universidad Externado de Colombia” and is currently a professor at the “Universidad de los Andes” post-graduate school of journalism.  He is a Senior Research Fellow at Stanford University as well as researcher and Senior Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley.

Coronell has been recognized with the Colombian “Simon Bolivar” journalism award on six occasions and in 2009 he was granted the highest award for a TV investigative report by the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano – Cemex, for “Un Crímen casi perfecto” (An Almost Perfect Crime) together with a team of journalists from Noticias Uno. The program was broadcast in 2007.