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Newsman at Risk in Colombia Gets Help

Language: EN
Type: News Blurb
Publication: Los Angeles Times
Location: Threats Section
Author: Lee Romney
Date: October 2, 2006
Copyright: Copyright 2011 Los Angeles Times
URL: http://articles.latimes.com/2006/oct/02/local/me-colombian2

Newsman at Risk in Colombia Gets Help

The journalist and his family have been threatened because of his coverage of drugs.

October 02, 2006
Lee Romney
Times Staff Writer

KENSINGTON, Calif. — Colombian journalist Daniel Coronell had been in California for nearly a full academic year before he shared the depth of his dilemma with colleagues at his Stanford University fellowship program: Death threats targeting him, his wife and small daughter had prompted the family to flee his homeland, he confided at an emotional dinner party.

He feared it was not yet safe to return.

The man they knew as gentle and self-effacing had built a formidable reputation as one of Colombia’s most courageous journalists. He is news director of the television program "Noticias Uno," which the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists calls "one of Colombia’s few independent news sources."